Working on it.

Over the next few weeks this site is going to be overhauled. I'm not committing to anything major, but it's due a decent streamlining. I've finally worked out how to have excerpts and click throughs to articles instead of publishing the whole thing with a thousand pictures up on the homepage and having the site load be larger than a game of Doom (that's a thing, now). In a few articles time the whole homepage should be rapid and smooth. I'm by no means a web developer, and it shows, but I'm learning.

Just as a sidenote, the original game size of Doom at 2.3MB, or 2393KB. As I write this text, the home page is 4.2MB, even after some of the heavier articles have been slimmed down. How times have changed.

Cheers all.


WiFi notspots at home? The BT Mini Home Hotspot 500 Kit Review

I don't have WiFi issues. I used to, but not anymore. We have Virgin Media's latest "Super Hub" with AC band WiFi and my PC also has AC, and the PC isn't far enough away from the router to cause any issue either. Even my PS3 and PS4 get a decent signal on 2GHz N-band.

Not everyone is that lucky though. There's always somewhere in the home that doesn't get good signal on WiFi, whether it be because you have too many brick walls between your machine and the router or the house is bigger than the router range or whatever. Sometimes it will just be because that is where you want to put your PC so obviously Karma has something against you.

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Moto 360 2015 Review

I am in possession of the 46mm Gold Moto 360. I've had it a couple of weeks now (actually now, ages, and it's since departed, but I forgot to post this originally back in October. Ah well), and I'm pretty well versed with it. I've had the original 360 long ago, it got sent back to Amazon with a dead pixel in the middle of the screen. That was replaced by the LG G Watch R, which I've had since the back end of last year and been using religiously up until receiving the new 2015 360. 

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LG Nexus 5 2015 to launch during IFA, probably

Looking at dates for availability of stock for the new LG Nexus 5 goodies is pointing to early to mid September for a release. Some providers have a date of September 11th, although this would be no date to release the phone into the wild itself. IFA runs (officially) from the 5th to the 9th of September, so an announcement is likely here, followed by accessory availability shortly afterward. 

This also indicates that it will most likely be the manufacturers themselves responsible for releasing the devices this year. Bearing in mind I've only seen leaks of stock for the LG device, if Hauwei are also to release a Nexus it would make sense to do it at the same time. Plus it'd give them some extra exposure to the market alongside the already well established LG. 

So far, from leaks at least, both devices seem to have compelling shapes and build. I'm not going to regurgitate images here, because if you're reading this you've most likely seen them already.  

Just a waiting game now. 

Dates for Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus

I went ahead and ordered a bunch of cases for both the Galaxy Note 5 and the S6 Edge Plus to see what I would get. I'll have a look at these cases in time, but what is more telling is their shipping dates.

A "delayed" S6 Edge Plus case - not until September

A "delayed" S6 Edge Plus case - not until September

One Note 5 case has already left the warehouse and is on it's way. It was a good deal, only 99p with free shipping with a normal price of £25.99, so if you intend to get a Note 5 I'd head on over to Amazon pronto. To me this signals that the Note 5 will be our treat on August 13th. The other cases are also on their way, a good sign for a near release. I expect them to be available that day myself, but Samsung haven't had a same day release of a top tier model before.

The S6 Edge Plus cases have not been so lucky. They're still not in stock with the sellers on Amazon, despite me ordering from a supplier claiming they "Only had 6 left in stock". They're universally the same at this point, but again, cheap. I'd get orders in soon as well if the Edge Plus is what you intend to upgrade to. One supplier marked their offering as dispatched this afternoon, then emailed me a retraction later on saying they wouldn't have any until mid-September.

This Note 5 case is currently in transit, and 99p.

This Note 5 case is currently in transit, and 99p.

So after all that, the Note 5 will be released shortly but we're going to be in for a longer wait for the S6 Edge Plus. I expect it will be announced - why not after all these leaks - and coming alongside the Note 5 it'll double the hype and provide Samsung a boost similar to that Motorola experienced last week.