Moto 360 2015 Review

I am in possession of the 46mm Gold Moto 360. I've had it a couple of weeks now (actually now, ages, and it's since departed, but I forgot to post this originally back in October. Ah well), and I'm pretty well versed with it. I've had the original 360 long ago, it got sent back to Amazon with a dead pixel in the middle of the screen. That was replaced by the LG G Watch R, which I've had since the back end of last year and been using religiously up until receiving the new 2015 360. 

The new 360 brings new packaging with a clear plastic lid and a sticker applied to the top glass of the watch, both to protect the face and demonstrate what it'll look like once going. 

It also serves to show off the new design of the watch. The most noticeable changes are the movement of the side button to the 45 degrees position and the swap from integrated strap fixings to more traditionally styled lugs to hold the strap in place.

Now, if you're reading this, it's May 2016 or later, and I originally started writing this in October 2015 when I actually had the watch. The testament to a device is how much you wish you had it back after you have got rid of it, and I want the Moto 360 back. It was beautiful. The best bit by far is how the screen refracts through the chamfer at the edge of the glass. The big gold bezels are nice too, and the battery life topped off the whole package.

We're all familiar with how Android Wear works now, and the Moto gets timely updates in line with all the rest. This 46mm edition has a chunky battery too so it gets through a day of decent use easily as well - it's no G Watch R by any means, but it's not bad. (btw, the G Watch R is still coming off charge at 7am, back on charge at 11pm, and still has around 70% left at the end of the day. For an older Android Wear device, that's some killer longevity. It's just a shame it's ugly and all scratched up now with a couple of dead pixels).

Now, as I don't actually have the watch anymore I don't want to go on at length about it, albeit to say it was really smooth, looked great and lasted a decent length of time. The leather was nice but not amazing, the metal was scratch resistant, and it fetched nearly as much as I would've paid for it back on eBay as well.

Chris out.