New Moto X 2015 Camera Sensor - A Sony IMX230 Win.

Motorola have just finished up their event, allowing press to get their hands all over the units and have a play. Some outlets have already had the units in for testing, including DxOMark, who run the units through a reference suite of tests.

The new Moto X Style comes out very well against the competition, ranking overall just below the Galaxy Note 4, although both share a score of 83. Both still sit behind the Galaxy S6 in second and third position. The Play should be up there as well, as both share the same camera hardware.

With the spec of the camera it's likely the handset is running the recently released Sony IMX230, a 21 megapixel unit with a large 1/2.4" sensor. This sensor is shared with the Huawei Honor 7, and likely upcoming Sony devices. This is larger than the OnePlus Two and the LG G4, both of which tout large sensors to begin with, but lag at 1/2.6". Potentially the sensor can pick up a huge amount of detail in images, but it will depend on the software how the phone handles this.

Pixel size remains low though due to the resolution, with 1.12 micron pixels. The aperture also remains F2.0, but it seems they are still getting good results.

The only let down for myself with the Moto X 2014 was the camera. It's excellent news to see they really have focussed on it this year, and made actual progress. I don't think anyone will mind the step away from absolute top-of-the-line processors as the rest of the handsets have been improved so much, and you really don't need 8 cores to run Motorola's slick deployment of Android 5.1. 

The batteries are big, the build will be excellent as always, the cameras look good, the software will be phenomenally good as it usually is from Motorola. It looks like Motorola are onto a real winner this time around, and, as this will be the first handset that has had some development under Lenovo, it's good to see Motorola's parent company is allowing them freedom to do exactly what they should be doing.

Source - DxOMark